Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Look at this sooo adorable boy. His portrait, along with his little sister’s were commissioned as a Christmas gift for their mom. Two of the best things about our painting session: 1) seeing a great dad at work, and 2) watching the little sister make a beeline for the compost pile (!) after being released from the incredibly boring business of sitting still. (It was not as messy as it could have been.)

And now look at the frames! This is one of my favorite treatments yet.   

Monday, January 8, 2018

Portrait Commission

If possible, I always prefer to paint portraits from life, but for long-distance commissions, I paint from photos. This is the first time I’ve ever painted someone trying to make their mouth disappear, but I like how this little character came out.  

Monday, December 18, 2017

Lookie here!

My advance copy of The Encyclopedia of Acrylic Techniques just arrived, and look who’s on page 129! It’s so appropriate that this is the portrait the publishers chose to use. It’s still one of my favorites, a half-hour portrait of Andrew Lattimore, my dear friend and artist extraordinaire, with whom I studied for several incredibly valuable years. I’ve only had the chance to flip through the book, but I’m really impressed—there are a lot of amazing paintings in there, and it's a beautiful book! I can’t wait to spend some time with it. This is the second edition, looks like it will be available on Amazon January 2.