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In addition to portraits of themselves, people often commission my half-hour portraits of their children to give as gifts to spouses and other family members. I also paint individual portraits of members of wedding parties and family reunions.

If you live outside the NYC / Westchester County area, I will paint your portrait from a photo.

Here are some general photo guidelines:
  • The photo should be fairly close up to the face, so that I can really see your features well.
  • Natural light is best, though not a requirement. Even better is natural light from one side of the face, as if the sun were shining on one side of you, putting the other side in some shadow. This really makes for a more interesting portrait--you'll see that most of my portraits have a light side and a dark. So if you have a window with good light, and have someone take your photo with one side to the light, that's the idea. Sometimes this works best on overcast days, because you get a nice, deep shadow. 
  •  You don't have to smile; just a nice, relaxed gaze is great. A small smile is fine, but a big grin with lots of teeth will not look natural in a portrait. (Imagine if you had to hold that smile for an entire live portrait sitting!)
Please send your photo to jessica@jessicamillerpaintings.com. Feel free to send more than one photo, and together we can decide on the best one.

Half-hour portrait payment is required in full to begin. For all paintings except half-hour portraits, payment is made in two installments: a 50% deposit to start, and the balance upon completion of the painting. Payment can be made with Zelle, PayPal, or in the form of a check or money order.

Half-hour portraits
7x5            $180 from life
7x5            $200 from photo

In-depth portraits
10x8          $400
12x9          $600
12x12        $800
12x16        $1,200
18x24        $2,000

Prices do not include shipping.

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