Thursday, September 26, 2013

Very Old Tug

I discovered this boat yard a couple weeks ago. It appears to be where boats go to live out their final days. There must be a hundred boats in various stages of decrepitude, leaning this way and that, with grass growing up between them. It seemed deserted and somewhat creepy. I wandered around for a while, feeling just a tiny bit scared, not knowing what I’d encounter around the next hull. Then I found this tug. It’s falling apart, rotting into the river. But I love it. It was built in 1911. I’ve since met the owner of the yard, and now it’s not creepy at all. I’ve painted the tug twice so far, once perched on an old steel barge next to it, and today on a nice, solid dock.

Portrait Painting: I will be painting half-hour portraits this Sunday at the Ajna Wellness Center Artisan Fair in Croton. Email me if you’d like to schedule a portrait ahead of time, or just stop by. We’ll be there from 12 to 4. 

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