Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lake Minnewaska

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This is not the painting I was supposed to do yesterday. The plan was to hike with my friend Peter up to one of his favorite views in Minnewaska State Park and paint there. Halfway into the hike, though, I fell and twisted my ankle pretty badly, and that was it for that hike. We limped back down to the lake, which is actually a gorgeous spot. Because of its accessibility, it’s a popular location, and over the course of the painting I encountered several nice dogs, lots of kids ignoring their parents’ exhortations not to get their pants wet, and one perceptive little 8-year-old (“It looks like what I see, but it’s a lot more colorful.”) I will definitely be back, hopefully soon. I just love the combination of rock cliffs, pitch pines, and water up there.

Here is a photo of Peter, helping to tote my gear. Behind him is another view of Lake Minnewaska.

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