Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Morning in Maine

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As it turns out, I was trespassing when I painted this one. But no one was around, and even if they had been, it probably would have been ok. And this view was worth it—one of those vistas that make me laugh, they’re so beautiful. I was up in a high field, looking out over fall forests stretching to the White Mountains in the distance, heavy morning clouds scudding overhead, casting long, fast-moving shadows over everything. I suppose the speed at which the high clouds moved should have given me some warning, but down in the field all was calm and perfect. For a few hours. Then, in what seemed an instant, gale-force winds (OK, probably just 25 mph) were whooshing through the grass, and I was using my body weight to keep the easel steady while I hurried to finish the painting. A 12x24” board can catch a lot of wind. I finally figured I was done, waited for a pause between gusts, and hurried the painting to my car, praying the wind would hold off until it was safely deposited in the trunk. It did. Whew.

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